Sufism & Sufis


 Sufism   –  The Way  of  The Heart

The Mystical Path to the Divine Presence

What is Sufism ( =Tasawwuf )?

What is Not Sufism ( =Tasawwuf )?

In Sufism, a Sheikh should

Sufi Orders

The Origin of Sufi Orders

The Object of Sufi Orders

Baya` – Initiation

The Spiritual System

ZIKR : The Rememberance of ALLAH


An article on sufism  by  Shaykh Hisham KABBANÎ :

T A S A W W U F :Purification of the Soul & Dhikr – Remembrance of God

Websource on Sufism :


An Important e-Book:

The Lifes of Hodja Ahmad Yassawi and Yunus Emre

Early Mystics in Turkish Literature by Prof. Dr. Mehmed Fuad Koprulu

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